Johnny's Pizzeria  

Johnny's Pizzeria History

Founder of Johnny's Pizzeria - John Miniaci Sr.


motto was always about the value of family and creating an environment around Sunset Park that simply says "WELCOME". Johnny Had passed the pizzeria over to his son John Miniaci Jr. and son in law Rocco Coluccio due to heart problems, but that never stopped him from checking in on his second home, Johnny's Pizzeria & his second family which were his loyal customers he knew by a first name basis. John Sr. had always instilled in John & Rocco's heads the power of family and he taught them that the respect they gave their customers over the years is the reason. Johnny's Pizzeria will mark its 40th anniversary in May 2008.

In 40 years of business they're is only one thing that has changed which is  that on July 5th 2007 John Miniaci Sr. had passed away due to complications of a stroke. Due to the love and respect he had for his customers and his family is the reason his beloved pizzeria is a household name today.  The guidance and leadership that John Miniaci Sr. has given to John and Rocco over the years is the reason they are still able to provide Sunset Park a place that they can always call home.

As Johnny would always say:

Johnny's pizzeria was first established in 1968 by owner John Miniaci Sr. John opened his pizzeria with nothing but high hopes for the community of Sunset Park. He didn't want to own just an ordinary business, but he wanted to have a relationship with every customer that walked through his door. As the community welcomed John and his pizzeria to the neighborhood that is exactly what happened. Johnny's pizzeria became a household name. When the customers came to Johnny's they knew they would find their Johnny's family right behind the counter  which were of course John himself, his two sons John Miniaci Jr. & Louie Miniaci, his son- in law Rocco Coluccio and his loyal and caring staff. John's

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